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Lets Get Tight – The Tightness – Getting Tight with Tarantino!

Lets Get Tight – The Tightness – Getting Tight with Tarantino!.

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Promoting European cinema

European cinema is the best. But sometimes, we need to remind the rest of the word about it.

Here some clips from a recent campaign.

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An exciting week-end

First, I ran 20 miles for my preparation for the NYC marathon. It took me 3 hours and 12 minutes.
I think my body is getting used to longer distances. In a few weeks, it should be able to swallow miles with no hiccups.

I also went for the new Woody Allen movie, Scoop with Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman.
We know WA can be really obnoxious. In this movie, he is, but this is really part of the movie.
Strongly recommended.

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To be or not to be

I saw for the first time this master piece by Ernst Lubitsch from 1942.
It is funny, witty and superbly acted and directed.
If you haven’t seen it, buy it or rent it.

Here is the IMDB entry.

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Kevin Smiths “Superman Reborn” & Why it Didn’t Happen.

Kevin Smiths “Superman Reborn” & Why it Didn’t Happen.:

Kevin Smith tells, in detail, why he wasn’t chosen to write the new Superman. This is a 19 minute video segment but the humor and especially the ending make it worth the viewing.

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The new movie by the director of Pi and Requiem for a dream

great director + great cast -> great movie.

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