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Walkthrough (OpenLoopz)

OpenLoopz is a task management app for Android that shows you what you need to see when you need to see it!

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Exquisite mobile

An intriguing design process discussed this afternoon at the MobiKUI workshop: Paul Coulton introduced this basic way to think about mobile sensor-based applications based on the exquisite corpse model: you take 3 dices, throw them and it gives you the design brief: design an application that use the technology (1) in the area (2) for target (3). Paul called it “exquisite mobile”.

Why do I blog this? found interesting this method to set yourself design constraints for creating something. Of course the categories can be questioned and modified but it helps to narrow down the application you want to create and can lead to other types of users. We employed it in the afternoon workshop and I expect it to lead people to scenarios different than the stereotypical geotagging or “where’s my buddy” proposals.

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QR-Code bots 2

QR-Code bots 2: really cute.

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Why does everything suck?: Apple’s iPhone SDK Prohibits Real Mobile Innovation

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Startup hopes to lower cell phone costs within the enterprise

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Samsung Pre-Installs Inspiry’s Mobile 2D Barcode Application

Samsung Pre-Installs Inspiry’s Mobile 2D Barcode Application:

Samsung Installs Inspiry’s 2D Code Application On Mobile Phones

BEJING, June 12, 2007 — Inspiry Limited (“Inspiry”), China’s leading 2D barcode technology and application provider, today announces its strategic partnership agreement with Samsung to pre-install its self-developed mobile 2D barcode software on Samsung’s handsets. The first Samsung handset model preloaded with Inspiry’s mobile QR Code software, i718, is already widely available in China.


Since 2006, Inspiry has been selected by China Mobile as the sole 2D barcode technology provider for China Mobile’s customized handsets. This strategic partnership has led to the successful deployment of 2D barcode software in mobile devices shipped by world class handset manufacturers including Nokia, Lenovo, Dopod, NEC and ZTE.

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TWITTER: Talk isn’t cheap

TWITTER: Talk isn’t cheap:

Jasoncalacanis-1Twitter binging comes with a price, as Jason Calacanis discovered Sunday. The Weblogs Inc co-founder, now a Sequoia Capital “entrepreneur in action,” racked up a $236.70 bill on his T-Mobile plan for having the chatty “microblogging” service send 2,367 status messages to his cellphone. Maybe there’s a business opportunity here for Evan Williams’ Twitter — teaming up with T-Mobile to reach the market of savvy entrepreneurs who have trouble choosing the right cellphone plan. The ultimate irony? Calacanis couldn’t stop himself from posting to Twitter about it. Sunday he returned to the service to report one more update to his status. “Crushed by twitter bill.” DC

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