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How to Kill Mysql Performance

[From How to Kill Mysql Performance]


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How I automated my backups to Amazon S3 using s3sync. | John Eberly

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Playing with RF Modules – Awesome Electronics Workshop PDFcast

Playing with RF Modules – Awesome Electronics Workshop PDFcast:


This week’s pdf includes Joe’s great schematic drawings to illustrate how to play around with an RF module and a Radio Shack recording module! – PDF Link

In the podcast we show a bunch of RF modules. Here are some links for you to explore them!

Radio Shack 9V Recording Module (#276-1323A), $10.79 – Link

Linx Technologies Keyfob Transmitter Basic Evaluation Kit – Link

RF Digital – Link

Radiotronix – Link

Nordic Semiconductor – Link

Parallax – Link

PDFs can be downloaded automatically in itunes. If you subscribe, this pdf is already there! – Subscribe Link

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Leave a Comment 8 ways to exercise your brain

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Create & manage screenshots on OS X

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If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened – Sunday Times – Times Online

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CSS examples

CSS examples:
Raw CSS examples

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