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Christine: Susan Wojcicki on the Secrets of Google’s Success

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Google’s Engineering Philosophy

Google’s Engineering Philosophy:
1. All developers work out of a ~single source depot; shared infrastructure!
2. A developer can fix bugs anywhere in the source tree.
3. Building a product takes 3 commands (“get, config, make”)
4. Uniform coding style guidelines across company
5. Code reviews mandatory for all checkins
6. Pervasive unit testing, written by developers
7. Unit tests run continuously, email sent on failure
8. Powerful tools, shared company-wide
9. Rapid project cycles; developers change projects often; 20% time
10. Peer-driven review process; flat management structure
11. Transparency into projects, code, process, ideas, etc.
12. Dozens of offices around world => hire best people regardless of location

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Life at Google – The Microsoftie Perspective « Just Say “No” To Google

Life at Google – The Microsoftie Perspective « Just Say “No” To Google: interesting article.

Another advantage of free food (if used properly) is to guarantee a good diet for your employees.
At Google, lunch is sacred (just like in France): you don’t skip lunch, you avoid scheduling meeting over lunch, you don’t grab food and eat it at your desk. Lunch is fun, lunch is joyful and a very good informal way to exchange information within the team.

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1-800-GOOG-411: Freedom With Speech

Google LatLong: 1-800-GOOG-411: Freedom With Speech: so, I guess, it is not a secret anymore.
That’s my first launched product at Google.

The irony is that I left Bell Labs research where I was working on telephony service to join Google.
And guess what I work on: telephony services.

Stay tuned (on the LatLong blog and over here) for more news around voice and speech applications.

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The Goog Life: how Google keeps employees by treating them like kids (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

The Goog Life: how Google keeps employees by treating them like kids (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought).

Interesting article and even more interesting discussions.

I work in the NY office :-). So no dinosaurs and no space ship.

As for being treated like kids, I would say that you can decide to be treated like one, or not.
Note that this is not so unusual. Look at professional sports where athletes have all their needs and wishes taken care of.

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I miss my old building :-(

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Google Watch : Google vs. Microsoft: Five Battleground Verticals for 2006

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