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Real-time Web Based Household Power Usage Monitor

  [From Real-time Web Based Household Power Usage Monitor]


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The 30 Best Eco Sites on the Web — Modern Eco Blog

[From The 30 Best Eco Sites on the Web — Modern Eco Blog]

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GigaOM Briefing: The Smart Energy Home

There are major transformations underway in the U.S. electric grid, driven by an aging infrastructure and growing concern over the environment. Well-established firms, like IBM and SAP, have launched energy practices aimed at capturing emerging opportunities to revolutionize the way electricity is delivered to our homes.

But there is a similar shift about to occur on the demand side, and the residential market is ripe with opportunities to revolutionize the ways in which we use that energy in our homes. This briefing looks at the trends and challenges facing this market.

  • What Is Smart Energy and Why Does It Matter?
  • What Makes a Successful Smart Energy Technology?
  • What Are The Opportunities Ahead?
  • 25 Smart Energy Home Startups to Watch

You can read a brief excerpt and buy the report here.

[From GigaOM Briefing: The Smart Energy Home]

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Buying a professional vacuum cleaner

New York tends to be a dusty city and a vacuum cleaner is clearly a required accessory. I am not a big fan of the “American” stand-up vacs. I prefer the European models.

But this time, I am kind of tempted by a backpack model. Ok, it might be a hammer to kill a fly, but I think I would use the vac more often. Finding the right model is going to be a challenge though.

Here are a couple of sites that seem to have some nice models:

Go away dust !!!!

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Putting Web to work for Eco Change

Putting Web to work for Eco Change:

The single most important issue of our time – global warming – is being empowered by the greatest communication revolution of our day. In other words, the fight against climate change will be waged by the new tools of the web — social networks, collaboration software and community sites …

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evolvist: the founder came to Google today to talk about his book “The Big Green Apple”.

“Insiders’ Guide The Big Green Apple: Your Guide to Eco-friendly Living in New York City” (Ben Jervey)

Interesting ideas (in the book) and interesting web site.

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Global Warming Myths and Lies

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