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Bits For Sale – The New Amazon S3 Requester Pays Model

There is something here. I am not sure yet what.

But this is a good way to provide incentives for people to provide rich, real-time data.

That looks like micro-payment is disguise. But this is a really good idea.

Bits For Sale – The New Amazon S3 Requester Pays Model [From Bits For Sale – The New Amazon S3 Requester Pays Model]


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Waiters Stole Credit Card Info, Made $3 Million In Fraudulent Purchases

Waiters Stole Credit Card Info, Made $3 Million In Fraudulent Purchases:
The diners didn’t know it, but their credit cards were going to pay for more than their meals, prosecutors said. Waiters in about 40 restaurants, in New York and elsewhere, quietly recorded customers’ credit card information and passed it on to people who used the information to make more than $3 million worth of worth of illegal purchases.

And people are still scared about putting their credit card info on the web …

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40% off Timberland gear

As part of a Google Checkout campaign, there is a very interesting promotion: check the following link.

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Software turns cell phone into personal shopping consultant | Chicago Tribune

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Your cell phone is so money

Your cell phone is so money:
story.nfc.chip.jpg By next year, you’ll be able to pay simply by swiping your cell phone a few inches from a cash register, with a new wireless standard called Near Field Communication. CNN reports.

“An NFC chip in your phone will send your credit-card number — stored on your phone or on the chip — by way of short-distance radio waves.

Unlike radio-frequency identification (RFID) and other existing contactless payment systems, NFC chips allow two-way information exchange by rolling an RF transmitter and reader into one five-millimeter package.

An electronic reader at the checkout will decode the number and ring up your purchase.

You don’t even have to buy a new phone. When it hits stores next spring, the miniSD-card-size adapter from SanDisk can add NFC to any smartphone with a Symbian operating system when it hits stores next spring.

The first pay-by-phone option should roll out later this year, with more applications to follow.”

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CellBazaar : A marketplace over mobile phone

CellBazaar : A marketplace over mobile phone:
cpndia.gif Bangladesh’s top mobile phone operator GrameenPhone, and USA-based CellBazaar have introduced a service connecting buyers and sellers in an electronic marketplace over the mobile phone.

“It’s like a more direct, more primitive e-Bay, a phone-based equivalent of newspaper classified advertisements. The concept was developed at the MIT Media Lab.

The service will enable sellers to list details of their products, produce or even services in a database while buyers can look for any of this information through SMS. It will not handle transactions, but will simply put buyers and sellers in contact with each other via mobile phone.

… For countries like bangladesh, where the transport infrastructure is often poor, electronic commerce could prove to have even greater appeal, than in developed ones. “

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Comparison shopping from the phone

using IVR (regular phone works):

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