Computational Semantics with Functional Programming

Computational Semantics with Functional Programming

Jan van Eijck and Christina Unger

Draft (see title page for date)

Haskell Programs and Modules

Functional Programming with Haskell: FPH.hs
Formal Syntax for Fragments: FSynF.hs
Formal Semantics for Fragments: FSemF.hs
Natural Language Inference Engine: InfEngine.hs
Main module for (compiled version of) Natural Language Inference Engine: Main.hs
Example knowledge base, in NL text: kb.txt
Model Checking with Predicate Logic: MCWPL.hs
An example model: Model.hs
The Composition of Meaning: TCOM.hs
Extensions and Intensions EAI.hs
Another example model: Model2.hs
Parsing: P.hs
Handling Relations and Scoping: HRAS.hs
Continuation-Passing Style Semantics: CPSS.hs
Discourse Representation and Context: DRAC.hs
Communication as Informative Action: CAIA.hs
Solutions to the Exercises (see title page for date)

Solution Modules

SolFPH.hs SolFSynF.hs SolFSemF.hs SolMCWPL.hs SolTCOM.hs SolEAI.hs SolP.hs SolHRAS.hs SolCPSS.hs Sol [From Computational Semantics with Functional Programming]


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