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Think Anatomy

no need to be a fan of Bones to enjoy the site.

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C o r e P y : Synthetic Programming in Python

[From C o r e P y : Synthetic Programming in Python]

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Mathematica on Amazon EC2

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Google MapReduce Wins TeraSort

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Multicore Research Papers – 2008

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Adobe Releases C/C++ To Flash Compiler

SnT2k writes “Adobe recently release the beta version of Alchemy which compiles C/C++ code into AS3 bytcode (which runs on AVM2) that can run on the Flash or Flex platform and boasts increased performance for computationally-intensive tasks (but still slower than native C/C++). It was demonstrated last year during the Chicago MAX 2007 to run Quake. A few months later it has been demonstrated to run a Python interpreter and Nintendo Emulator. One interesting tidbit is that the thing is built upon the open source LLVM Compiler Infrastructure.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

[From Adobe Releases C/C++ To Flash Compiler]

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Tiny Geo-coder | The fastest way to find latitude and longitude

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