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YouTube – experiencewii’s Channel

very cool embedded ad.

[From YouTube – experiencewii’s Channel]


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The 30 Best Eco Sites on the Web — Modern Eco Blog

[From The 30 Best Eco Sites on the Web — Modern Eco Blog]

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12 essential apps for tweaking your Mac | News | TechRadar UK

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GigaOM Briefing: The Smart Energy Home

There are major transformations underway in the U.S. electric grid, driven by an aging infrastructure and growing concern over the environment. Well-established firms, like IBM and SAP, have launched energy practices aimed at capturing emerging opportunities to revolutionize the way electricity is delivered to our homes.

But there is a similar shift about to occur on the demand side, and the residential market is ripe with opportunities to revolutionize the ways in which we use that energy in our homes. This briefing looks at the trends and challenges facing this market.

  • What Is Smart Energy and Why Does It Matter?
  • What Makes a Successful Smart Energy Technology?
  • What Are The Opportunities Ahead?
  • 25 Smart Energy Home Startups to Watch

You can read a brief excerpt and buy the report here.

[From GigaOM Briefing: The Smart Energy Home]

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Dr.House Caricatures

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17 Online Free Web Based Applications That You Probably Love To Use! – Opensource, Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers

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NikePlus: From Sonar to Virtual Marathons

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