monetization for startups



Mapping Processes for Startups: Monetization
I’m a big fan of mapping out options for decisions that you have as a startup.

Using a google document spreadsheet we can start to do some basic analysis on various decisions or choices that a startup may face.

This post will attempt to describe some aspects of how to look into selecting a monetization strategy for your website. Sometimes its obvious how to monetize a technology and in many cases its not.

So here is the process:

1. Firstly brainstorm the monetization methods that you may be able to use – at this point don’t kill any ideas. A place to start with this is to think in these terms:

Advertising: Using advertising to generate revenue. E.g. CPC (selling traffic), CPA/affiliate sales (selling action), CPM (selling brand exposure) or a combination of methods. Subscription: Using a subscription model (freemium/premium) (selling service/access/data) PAYG: Pay a [From Jude Gomila]


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