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Erlang …

Nabble – Steve Vinosky interview:

“Any sufficiently complicated concurrent program in another language
contains an ad hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow
implementation of half of Erlang.”


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Leslie’s Artgallery : Women in Art by Eggman913

Leslie’s Artgallery : Women in Art by Eggman913: nice animation.

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Copyright this – Los Angeles Times

Copyright this – Los Angeles Times:

However, if all copyrights were taxed at a fixed (but significant) amount per year to maintain the copyright (all registered through the copyright office and searchable), there would be a significant carrying cost and most of the copyrighted material would revert to “public domain” and become available to “promote the progress of science and useful arts.” As intellectual property and copyrights become an even more significant part of our economy, and as copyright holders (not necessarily the creators) make claims of “stealing” as though it is real property, it should be taxed.

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Create a Google Talk chatback badge

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Erlang, the CEO point of view

Erlang – The CEO’s View: an interesting view about the pros and cons of Erlang, from a business / non-tech point of view.

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“The economy of Free”

Nokia World – Keynote – “Free”: interesting keynote by Chris Anderson about the economy of free.

It is also the cover of the latest issue of Wired magazine.

And they do mention GOOG-411 a couple of times.

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Programming Is Like Sex |

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