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Google AdWords Launches 2D Codes For Print Ads

The Pondering Primate: Google AdWords Launches 2D Codes For Print Ads.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning.


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A List Apart: Articles: Graceful E-Mail Obfuscation

A List Apart: Articles: Graceful E-Mail Obfuscation: interesting technique.

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NYTimes uses Hadoop, S3, EC2, and some custom code to handle PDF generation for 4TB worth of data

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Le : Sans théorie de la relativité, pas de GPS, par Cédric Foellmi

Le : Sans théorie de la relativité, pas de GPS, par Cédric Foellmi: excellent article about the need for fundamental research.

Reading the article made be looked back on the various “forms” of research I have encountered in my life. I don’t know which one is better, I am just listing them.

  • taking a problem and looking for a solution
  • taking a solution and looking for a problem
  • trying to understand nature

The main criticism I have about research in general is when people decide to invent a problem to solve.

Come on guys, look around. Problems are everywhere. Pick one and solve it. No need to come up with one.

So many times, researchers refuse to tackle real problems, because they look to “commercial”. If finding a solution has a slight chance to have commercial implications, then somehow the problem is tainted. That’s stupid.

When you look at the best places to do research (I am taking my field of computer science as a example), it should not be a surprise that AT&T and Bell Labs where the best places. They had so many practical and unpractical problems to solve.

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Bug Labs: build your own device

Bug Labs: looks cool.

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