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Y Combinator: Winter 2008 Funding

Y Combinator: Winter 2008 Funding: tempting …


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YouTube – Image resize

YouTube – Image resize: really interesting technique.

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Conduit Labs Closes $5.5 Million Series A Funding

Conduit Labs Closes $5.5 Million Series A Funding:

The product will be a 3D virtual world that runs on Flash through your browser. Once online you’ll get to connect with friends to play games. Flash will make the application more accessible than a lot of the existing 3D virtual worlds, which require long downloads. HiPiHi recently tried to help solve this problem by pushing for virtual world interoperability. They also want to make the games more accessible than existing online MMORGs aimed at hardcore gamers. The games aim to capture the casual social experiences of games like Wii Tennis or Guitar Hero.

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The Baby Name Wizard: NameVoyager

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TinyApps.Org : Home

TinyApps.Org : Home: nice site with lost of free tools.

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American scam, for Nigerian people

The Back Page LG #87: very funny.

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Playing with RF Modules – Awesome Electronics Workshop PDFcast

Playing with RF Modules – Awesome Electronics Workshop PDFcast:


This week’s pdf includes Joe’s great schematic drawings to illustrate how to play around with an RF module and a Radio Shack recording module! – PDF Link

In the podcast we show a bunch of RF modules. Here are some links for you to explore them!

Radio Shack 9V Recording Module (#276-1323A), $10.79 – Link

Linx Technologies Keyfob Transmitter Basic Evaluation Kit – Link

RF Digital – Link

Radiotronix – Link

Nordic Semiconductor – Link

Parallax – Link

PDFs can be downloaded automatically in itunes. If you subscribe, this pdf is already there! – Subscribe Link

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