Do you read the Startup Journal?

Do you read the Startup Journal?:

Startup Journal

If you don’t, today would be a good day to start. Sarah Needleman asked to interview us for the SJ a couple weeks ago and the article went live today. You can read “What Small-Biz Owners Can Learn From Blogs” here.
The other blogs featured were:
WorkHappy – “His two-year-old blog provides advice, ideas, inspiration and resources he’s accumulated through his own experience as a consultant to entrepreneurs and owner of four Web-based ventures.”
Franchise Pundit – “The blog, which is updated daily, also reports on emerging franchises, relevant legal news and various industry happenings.”
Escape from Cubicle Nation – “…she focuses her blog posts on the emotional aspect of leaving the corporate world to start a business.”
BizzBangBuzz – “He blogs about legal issues pertaining to entrepreneurs and says he often cites lessons he’s learned through his work.”
Venture Capital Cafe – “Mr. Vidra profiles early-stage ventures in his blog by describing their business models and products.”
Marketing Blog – “Mr. Cook blogs about the marketing strategies he advises his clients on and any topic that ’strikes a nerve,’ he says.”
Small Business Trends – “…focuses on major developments that affect small-business owners”
The Invent Blog – “Registered-patent attorney Stephen M. Nipper has made a hobby out of scouring the Internet for articles on the subject and related topics and summarizing what he finds on the blog.”
Guy Kawasaki’s How to Change the World – “One of the most well-known blogs in the small-business space, How to Change the World aims to do just as its namesake suggests via the art of ‘entrepreneurialism.’”
A great list if I may say so myself. A huge thanks to Sarah for including YGG.


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