HaMLet-S and Successor ML

HaMLet-S and Successor ML:
Andreas Rossberg has updated HaMLet, a reference implementation of SML in SML, to support many of the suggestions for Successor ML (sML). The nice thing about implementing a PL in a high level (especially a metacircular implementation) is that it makes it easier to try out new language features.

HaMLet-S is a spin-off devoted to Successor ML (www.successor-ml.org). It incorporates a number of preliminary proposals and is a testbed and sort of a personal vision of where SML could go. Version 1.3/S4 features the following:

Extensible records.
More expressive pattern matching.
Views (a la Wadler and Okasaki).
Higher-order modules and nested signatures.
Local and first-class modules.
Miscellaneous fixes to known issues with SML.

For the intrepid who want just a quick REPL to tinker with, #sml on the freenode irc has the smlbot set to use HaMLet-S.


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