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Why to Not Not Start a Startup

Why to Not Not Start a Startup: very inspiring article about starting your own business.


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SmugBlog: Don MacAskill » Blog Archive » The Perfect DB Storage Array

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CELLPHONES: Blue Sky Crams GPS Receiver on to its Future SIM Cards

CELLPHONES: Blue Sky Crams GPS Receiver on to its Future SIM Cards:

GPS%20SIM.jpg GPS receivers may have gotten smaller over the past few years, but Blue Sky Positioning takes top prize for being the first to integrate one on to a SIM card. What’s so cool about that? Well, this means that in the future pretty much every GSM phone will come with built-in GPS, a nice feature to have on your mobile, especially since Qualcomm has been integrating GPS into their CDMA chipsets for quite some time.

Blue Sky Squeezes GPS onto a SIM [The Register via UberGizmo]

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Data-Driven Games

Cornell Database Group – Data-Driven Games: what if you could use database technique to make game programming better and more expressive?

A very interesting new research area initiated by Johannes Gehrke at Cornell university.

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Jamglue’s Growth and Scaling

Jamglue’s Growth and Scaling:

By Brady Forrest

Close to the end of the presentation Gautam and Casey showed their approximate monthly AWS bills for four milestones.

Pre-Launch – $1.50/month
Beta – $15/month
Launch – $150/month
Now – $600/month

Very interesting article.
Interesting to see that you don’t millions to start your service.

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Talk on challenges in Web ad auctions

Talk on challenges in Web ad auctions, from Greg Linden’s blog.

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Yahoo Pig and Google Sawzall

Yahoo Pig and Google Sawzall, from Greg Linden’s blog.

Working at Google, I will have to look at it more carefully. I never really liked the sawzall syntax. And coming from a database background, SQL is more familiar to me.

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