A Widget Storm is Coming

A Widget Storm is Coming:
Newsweek has already declared 2007 year of the widget, and los of little companies are hard at work, trying to make it all real.
Israeli startup Musestorm, which has raised venture backing from Benchmark Capital, is launching a platform later this week that will allow you to widgetize any RSS feed, and create web and desktop widgets for Yahoo and Google amongst other platforms. It promises mobile and IM are on the way.

Musestorm has tied up deals with other widgeteers to allow for easily adding Musestorm widgets to PageFlakes, Sniperoo, and Weebly. Like Widgetbox, the company also provides detailed analytics.
Other widgety action:

  • WengoVisio, makes a one-click video and audio call widget for blogs. See TechCrunch review. We’re sorry, dear readers, but we don’t love you that much.
  • Apple opens access to its Dashcode Developer Beta. Claims “With Dashcode you will have your widget running in minutes, even if you’ve never written a line of code.” And it will be “elegant and engaging.


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