BeeTagg Passes One Hundred Million Tagg Mark

BeeTagg Passes One Hundred Million Tagg Mark:

The guys at BeeTagg have been as busy as, well, you know.

A couple weeks ago they were named Start Up of the week by Cash, the largest financial newspaper in Switzerland.

BeeTagg , a physical world connection player with a unique code, is running probably the biggest mobile tagging game in the world so far.

Overall they are publishing over
100 million BeeTaggs
in several media campaigns.

This is the second PWC player that has publicly quantified the number of codes in a mobile marketing campaign. We are starting to see some physical world connection metrics.

OP3 recently announced their ShotCode was being placed on 40 million Sprite bottles.

Gradually physical world hyperlinks (2D codes) are being attached to content in addition to the ones that already exist (1D code) and the physical world is being connected.

It is my opinion that the next big trend after uploading content to the Internet, will be to tag, (add a physical world hyperlink) to physical world objects.
BeeTagg already offers the ability to link items on eBay.

Sponsors of this tagging game include Sony, Orange, Fujitsu, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, Freixenet, Lipton. Media partners include Blick (biggest newspaper in Switzerland) and Heute

The mobile tagging game is based on the famous European computer game character Moorhuhn . Users are placing their codes in the real world and media partners are publishing codes in their newspapers, posters and even radio broadcasts.

Supported phones

Get the BeeTagg reader

Create your own BeeTaggs and attach them to Flickr, a blog, business card.

Don’t have a camera phone? Their BeeTagg Reader Lite allows a user to enter a number or keyword and be directed.


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