Choose RELAX Now

Choose RELAX Now:

Elliotte Rusty Harold’s
RELAX Wins may be a
milestone in the life of XML. Everybody who actually touches the technology
has known the truth for years, and it’s time to stop sweeping it under
the rug. W3C XML Schemas (XSD) suck. They are hard to read, hard to write,
hard to understand, have interoperability problems, and are unable to describe
lots of things you want to do all the time in XML. Schemas based on Relax NG,
also known as ISO Standard 19757, are easy to write, easy to read, are backed
by a rigorous formalism for interoperability, and can describe immensely more
different XML constructs. To Elliotte’s list of important
XML applications that are RELAX-based, I’d add the
Atom Syndication Format and,
pretty soon now, the Atom Publishing Protocol.
It’s a pity; when XSD came out people thought that since it came from the W3C,
same as XML, it must be the way to go, and it got baked into a
bunch of other technology before anyone really had a chance to think it over.
So now lots of people say “Well, yeah, it sucks, but we’re stuck with it.” Wrong!
The time has come to declare it a worthy but failed
experiment, tear down the shaky towers with XSD in their foundation,
and start using RELAX for all significant XML work.

And you can try the nxml mode written by James Clark for emacs.


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