Text-To-Buy Will Soon Be Replaced With Click-To-Buy

Text-To-Buy Will Soon Be Replaced With Click-To-Buy:

Which is easier, typing a Web address or clicking on a hyperlink. Texting is the equivalent of typing in a URL, but scanning a 2d code is hyperlinking.

For now shortcodes and keywords offer the Text-To-Buy function. Who has the ability to offer multiple functions for a shortcode?

Soon an mCode , a ShotCode , or an EZcode will offer the ability to connect directly with an advertisement without typing.

2d codes will replace shortcodes as the new mcommerce tool

From BrandWeek Publishers test out text-to-buy feature

Thanks to a new technology from a New York firm called ShopText and eBay unit PayPal, consumers this holiday season have the option of buying and sampling some products with their cell phones.

Magazines like Details, CosmoGIRL!, Glamour and Brides are rolling out ads with short codes for text-to-buy transactions. ShopText also worked with Lucky magazine for a program in the publication’s September issue.

Could you envision the first Interactive Magazine?

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