NYC marathon

Today was the day.
To make a long story short: 5-Nov-2005 + NYC + 26.2miles = 3:45:04.
Not bad for a first time


Best moment of the day: peeing on the Verrazano bridge. Probably the only day in the year where you can do it without being arrested. (no picture, sorry).

Buses that took us the starting line

15 minutes after crossing the line

Back home, before the shower …



  1. Wayne Abbott said

    Congrats on the run sir…

  2. Dalmir said

    Congratulations !!! …. not bad… the Brazilian took 2:09…. and you were close behind… Good effort… and I hope that you can use your legs someday again….

  3. Vince said

    Wow, impressive…. and the peeing part is way funny.

  4. Susana said

    Hey Arnaud!

    Personally I think that the best of the day was the second picture of you they posted in this page…
    By the way…just by curiosity…do you pee while running or you stop in a corner?

    Thanks for answering my questions and CONGRATULATIONS!!



  5. kevin clower said


    Were you the guy peeing next to me!!!!

    I ran as well and needed to pee but didnt know if I would get busted so I stopped next to a french man who was peeing as well.

    How wild is that!!!


  6. Guillaume said

    And what was the worst moment of the day 🙂 ?
    Do you feel like running more marathon or is one enough ?

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