BeeTagg Connects The Physical World For eBay

BeeTagg Connects The Physical World For eBay:

What I see happening is some PWC companies are using PWC for advertising, while others are utilizing a 2d code and a camera phone as a tool.

A “chicken and the egg”

situation is here.
Will physical world connection get adopted by people because they want ads, or because they want to use their camera phone as a tool?

Google first built a tool, and then advertisers followed.

We have already seen Amazon introduce Amazon Scan Search, now eBay is recognizing the value of a 2d code, a camera phone and physical world connection.

One of the physical world connection players, BeeTagg , has created a useful application for major ecommerce company eBay.

By adding a unique 2d code to any object and scanning with a camera phone , BeeTagg allows users to link physical objects to the Internet and eBay.

BeeTagg for eBay

The full story (in German)

In my opinion this application has, or will have, a lot more value than a price comparison tool.
Instead of building a physical world connection platform for mobile marketing, they are building an ecommerce platform

BeeTagg, and a couple other PWC cos are letting users create their own codes and determine what THEY want to use them for. Even Microsoft with their latest 2d code launch recognize that you must let people create useful applications for physical world connection.

I see Google will have to offer a 2d code tool soon.


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