Microsoft’s Windows Live Barcode Disrupts PWC Space

Microsoft’s Windows Live Barcode Disrupts PWC Space:

This is probably one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, news stories for the physical world connection industry

Companies in the physical world connection space should take this launch seriously.

Microsoft is saying, “we want to be the key player in the 2d code scanning space”.

It is my opinion, that Google must introduce a 2d code scanning application and 2d creation application quickly to keep their lead.

2d codes will be more valuable than keywords in the physical world.

From MS Tech Today Windows Live Barcode launches

Windows Live Barcode is a set of services that transfer information between various media (PCs, billboards, magazines etc.) and handsets via Quick Response Code (QR Code), a two-dimensional barcode.

Install decoder software on handsets and capture QR Code via a built-in camera.

The QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode. It contains a considerably greater volume of information in both vertical and horizontal directions than typical barcode in one dimension

It provides a new method for people to exchange information and enjoy various online services on handsets. Windows Live Barcode aims to enhance handset utility and provide you with more convenience and flexibility.”

Find it time consuming to input long phrases on a handset’s tiny keyboard? Want to make full use of your handset? Try Windows Live Barcode. Windows Live Barcode is a new way to avoid repetitive input, store more information, and enjoy better handset services within seconds

Take the tour

How are companies that are relying on 2d code scanning affected?

p.s. There’s a special message in that 2d code I created for the people who should take Microsoft’s announcement seriously

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