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jQuery: New Wave Javascript

jQuery: New Wave Javascript


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YouTube Challenges Facebook

YouTube Challenges Facebook:

YouTube just flexed its social networking muscles by adding restricted college-specific video-sharing areas. The site has long had many of the features of a social network (personal profiles, friending, et cetera), but so much of its utility is in showing videos to everybody and anybody. Now, with the release of YouTube Colleges, the company has introduced what seem to be its first exclusive areas (correct us if we’re wrong), requiring a .edu address from a particular college to access a pool of that school’s videos.

This is definitely infringing on Facebook’s turf, but Facebook has yet to add video-sharing to its college-centered social network. Colleges, with their ample supplies of bandwidth and procrastinators, are the best source of early adopters you can get, and college student presence on YouTube is certainly huge. Though the company is shy about giving out demographic information, Lee Gomes reported yesterday 70 percent of YouTube’s registered users are American, with roughly half of them under 20 years old. Via Download Squad.

Leave a Comment’s rent-a-grid’s rent-a-grid:
Jon Udell tries the Elastic Compute Cloud — a Web service that provides resizable compute capacity.

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All about Mobile Life – Work Permit with password protected QR Code

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Why Processes Scale Better Than Threads

Why Processes Scale Better Than Threads:
In a recent blog post, Assaf Arkin compares threads and independent processes, and suggests that most Java developers turn to threads to scale their application, whereas those working with PHP, Ruby, or other LAMP languages, use processes. He argues that processes scale better.

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Introducing ErlyDB: The Erlang Twist on Database Abstraction

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An exciting week-end

First, I ran 20 miles for my preparation for the NYC marathon. It took me 3 hours and 12 minutes.
I think my body is getting used to longer distances. In a few weeks, it should be able to swallow miles with no hiccups.

I also went for the new Woody Allen movie, Scoop with Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman.
We know WA can be really obnoxious. In this movie, he is, but this is really part of the movie.
Strongly recommended.

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